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19 sep 2014/csb

Ellingwood Chapel, in Nahant (unless otherwise noted)
or call Jim Walsh at 781-367-2007

Ellingwood Chapel

Photo by: Megan Demit, Nahant Historical Society collections

Check back often for schedule updates!

Friends of NHS
Ellingwood Concert Series

We need the support of our friends. Become an ECC friend and Join the
Friends of the Ellingwood Series
Because so many of you supported us, we were able to create the series. For more information, please contact Jim Walsh at 781-367-2007
(co-chair Ellingwood Chapel Concerts)
or email

Admissions alone do not cover the full costs of the concerts. So if music In Nahant is worth more to you than the cost of a concert ticket, please consider making a contribution! Friends of the Ellingwood Series will enjoy the satisfaction of sharing this music with the community, of supporting ongoing restoration of the Chapel, and of sponsoring special outreach concerts. Friends will be recognized on the program and with special events.

So please, be a Friend $100, or Player $250,
or best of all, an Angel $500!

  • Friend $100 (2 complimentary tickets)
  • Player $250 (5 complimentary tickets)
  • Angel $500 (10 tickets)

You can download a printable donation form (pdf)
Your generosity is deeply appreciated.
Please fill out the downloadable form
and make your check payable to: Nahant Historical Society
Ellingwood Series and mail to:
the Nahant Historical Society
Ellingwood Series
41 Valley Road, Nahant MA 01908
If you work for a company with a matching gift program,
please forward its matching gift form with your contribution.

Ellingwood Chapel