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Ellingwood Chapel, in Nahant (unless otherwise noted)
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Ellingwood Chapel

Photo by: Megan Demit, Nahant Historical Society collections

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Friends of Ellingwood
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“Friends” of the Ellingwood Concert Series will enjoy the satisfaction of sharing this music with the community, while supporting the ongoing restoration of the Chapel, and sponsoring special outreach concerts. Friends will be recognized on the program and with special events. Because so many of you support us, we are able to keep the the series going. Thank you!

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Ellingwood Chapel

A note from Series organizer Jim Walsh:
“This intimate stone hall, with white stucco and stained-glass windows, sits atop a small hill rising from Nahant Bay. It is an ideal setting for chamber music”

Alex Ludwig, The Boston Musical Intelligencer

We offer free concert admission to all students accompanied by a parent or other adult. The Nahant Historical Society and its Ellingwood Concerts are committed to providing an opportunity for students to taste the fine wine of good music and no laws will be broken by sharing this wine with our young people
And, here’s some really good news...thanks to the attentiveness of Jeff Chelgren, our new Town Administrator, and the wisdom of Town Meeting in voting the financial resources recommended by the Community Preservation Committee, I am delighted to report that a designer has been chosen to design new lighting for the Chapel. Mr. Chelgren reports that we should have mock-ups ready for our concerts in August and September.

Check back often for schedule updates!

Sunday, August 23rd at 4 p.m.
John Bigelow will perform Dueling Dialogues on the lute and the 11 string guitar
Sunday, September 13th at 4 p.m.
the Solar Winds Quintet and guest pianist Guy Urban

Sunday August 23, 2015, 4 p.m.

John Bigelow: Dueling Dialogues
in The Ellingwood Chapel

Concert, August 23, 2015
johhn bigelow

The Ellingwood Chapel Concert series will present a performance by John Bigelow on two instruments, and he is master of both.
The first part of the program will feature music played on the lute. This Renaissance instrument, father to the plucked, stringed instruments that followed and heir to those first played, perhaps, in ancient Pythagorean Greece, has enjoyed a bit of a modern Renaissance. We welcome its rebirth.
The second part of the program will feature music played on the 11-string guitar. John Bigelow describes this instrument as follows: “Often people think when they first see (my instrument) that it is a twelve string guitar because they have heard of them but have never seen one. The “twelve string guitar” does exist as a conventionally manufactured instrument with six pairs of strings; the strings of each pair are close enough together so that the two strings are played simultaneously… My instrument, instead, has eleven individual strings, each tuned to its own pitch and played separately.” This design gives the “archguitar” an extraordinary range that John explores with skill and creativity.
Nahanters were privileged to hear John play his extraordinary instrument at Town Hall this Spring when he accompanied Sallee Slagle’s 40 Steps Dance Company. Personally, I think he will sound even better at the Ellingwood Chapel. We are calling this performance Dueling Dialogues. The conversation and the duel will be across the centuries with one clear winner…

Next Concert:
On Sunday, September 13th at 4 PM the Solar Winds Quintet and guest pianist Guy Urban will perform a diverse program of pieces by Beethoven, Poulenc and Percy Granger (among others). The Solar Winds, consisting of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn will bring something new to every taste.