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Welcome To Our Gift Shop

Thanks for visiting our online giftshop. We are in the process of updating this page with many new items. In the meantime, please visit the Society at 41 Valley Road on Wednesdays and Thursdays 1 to 4 PM and Saturday's from 10 until 4 PM for all your Nahant gifts!

Some Of Our Many Books

New!! Just arrived.

Forty Steps and Other Stories
Terry Murphy

Editor's Choice Award!

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New!! Just arrived.

Bayley’s or Bailey’s Hill?

Where did the name for this Nahant location originate? Enjoy the read as Gerry Butler once again eloquently tackles the historic background of a well-known Nahant landmark. Copies available in store or by PayPal.

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Glimpses, Nahant In Poems and Pictures

The true essence of Nahant has been captured on these pages by the words of Robert Risch and through the lens of Robert Wilson, two gentlemen in whose veins the blood of Nahant flows. Pour a cup of tea, sit out on the porch and let the warmth of Nahant wash over you. A perfect gift for someone new to town or longing to return.

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Nahant’s Naval Secrets
Nahant’s Naval Secrets will tell you in detail that ‘Due to East Point’s strategic location and deep water, the first laboratory established to detect submarines was located there” You’ll have to read the book to discover the rest. Gerry Butler’s illustrations of seacoast weapons and fortifications are published here and worldwide. If you like military history, or just want to know about one of Nahant’s historic secrets, this is the book to read.

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Thanks in part to letters and diaries, early scrapbooks and oral histories treasured and  passed down, Stanley Paterson and Carl Seaburg created a vibrant history of the Nahant we know today. How did we start? Who lived here? What riches do we hold? What brought folks to Nahant for a visit and then compelled them to stay? You won’t want to put it down.

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Some Of Our Gifts

We have mugs to suit all artistic flavors!

Each mug depicts either a Melinda Hatfield photograph or original Lucy Doane illustration. All scenes are of Nahant, past and present. Great gifts for any occasion.

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Bring Nahant to the office with you.

We carry  wooden:
Business card holders ($15)
Post-it note holders ($18)
Pewter letter openers ($20)

Available with a variety of Nahant scenes

Our Current Pictorial Calendar

Our 2019 Nahant Calendar Is Now Available!
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